Coovert Technical specializes in preconstruction videography for the construction industry.

Pre Construction Right-of-Way Video and Photos

We provide a 3rd party, pre construction video and photography service to the construction industry.  If your project has a right-of-way and is in Ohio, we’ve likely taped a nearby project.  We tape water district, sewer district, WWTP, pump stations and other local project.  With over a decade of experience, we have helped companies like yours meet or exceed the owner’s/engineer’s expectations.

The project specifications generally list this service under CSI Divisions 01 or 02, as the following codes 01 32 33, 02 10 00 and 01041. We recommend professional videography for other projects as well, especially where there is a risk of claims and complaints.  Using the latest technology and over 12 years of experience, we ensure adequate coverage and will help you ensure that your next pre-construction meeting goes smoothly by using our services.   Contact Us Today to receive a quote for next project.

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We specialize in providing web hosting and technical expertise for businesses and organizations like the Peach State Chapter ISEE.

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Remote Monitoring Solutions for business.

We have the experience deploying and supporting remote monitoring stations across North America which include cellular and satellite communications.  You’ll find our systems at construction sites, mines and quarries.  The remote monitoring Powercase for Instantel™ Micromate is designed and built in-house exclusively for DRW Associates, a US based Instantel distributor.  These units are available for rent and for purchase exclusively through DRW Associates.